Keeping Your Phone Protected Over Winter

These Winter months can be a nightmare for your technological buddy, so here at iFixed we’ve put together a couple of tips to maintain maximum performance for your iPhone over the festive season!


Always protect your iPhone from water. With heavy rain or even snow (eep) on the screen, water damage can easily occur on your device. Try and keep your phone in your pocket or bag, or perhaps consider using screen protectors (which we sell instore – give us a call or pop in to see us).

Use touchscreen gloves! A great invention, many come with grips so it is less easy to accidentally drop your phone than with slippy gloves.

Always use a phone case! This can help protect your phone screen so much from cracks and chips, don’t underestimate them – if you don’t like using a phone case, then think about using tempered glass screen protectors (these we also stock).

Think about the temperature of your environment! Leaving your phone in the car overnight is not only bad for your personal security, it also hampers your smartphone’s performance! Very cold temperatures can lead to your iPhone freezing up on you, and can permanently affect your phone’s battery performance.

Keep an eye on your phone over the festive period – small children playing with your device can quickly lead to a smashed screen, and watch that glass of mulled wine – a couple of drops could potentially be a hazard to your device – not that that would stop you!

To prevent any further damage to your device, book in quickly with iFixed. Any cracks in your phone screen can eventually become extensive damage to your device if left for too long – especially in the cold weather.

If you have any queries about repairs or equipment we have in stock, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01507 463230 or check in with us at, also like our Facebook page ‘iFixed‘ or follow us on twitter for information and deals!


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