iPhone Battery Issues Over Winter

With 2016 bringing a biting February, we are starting to feel those Winter Blues. The cold weather can affect your iPhone battery performance, with many consumer reports stating that their devices have died despite having over 30% battery life left. So what is it that causes batteries to falter in cold weather?

It’s because the iPhone battery is a certain type called a Lithium-Ion – a common battery technology found in most rechargeable devices. These batteries have many advantages, hence their worldwide success, including quick charges – BUT they don’t tend to do so well in the cold.

So when the temperature drops, the cold increases the internal resistance and diminishes the capacity of a Lithium-Ion battery, with an estimated capacity of only 50% in a temperature of -18 degrees Celcius.


Apple state that their batteries work most effectively at a range of 0 – 35 degrees Celcius, so if the temperature drops below freezing, you may have a problem on your hands. It is wise not to leave your phone in the car overnight, or leave it outside for extended periods of time during the cold months.┬áMake sure that your phone is kept warm for as much of the day as possible, until the Summer creeps nearer at least!

Cold weather could be a big factor in battery problems over Winter, but it is not the sole issue. If you are facing any battery issues then get in touch with iFixed: we provide iPhone battery repairs. We also provide a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that we will get the job done properly.

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