iPhone 6s Plus Reviews

Next Tuesday marks six months since the iPhone 6s Plus was revealed in September 2015, so we’ve been taking a look at the (mixed) reviews of the long-awaited ‘phablet’. Users seem to agree with the iPhone 6s Plus’ positive points; amongst the many reviews was a lot of praise for the inclusion of 3D Touch, the fuss-free camera and the phone’s bright, vibrant display. However, there were also a lot of complaints about the expense (as per usual with the Apple models), the size and weight of it, and the minor software flaws frequently faced with the iPhone 6s Plus.


With the model available from £619 direct from Apple, the 5.5inch display iPhone is up there at the top of the market alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium in terms of price. And while the model looks identical to the iPhone 6 Plus, the 6s Plus includes a few fancy features.

Its huge screen allows a sharper display than that of its predecessor, with its full HD resolution and 401ppi pixel density, meaning that texts and images are super clear on the screen, and the bright colours really pop. Its 3D Touch feature really makes a difference to the 6 Plus, although it may look the same aesthetically, the iPhone 6s Plus has an upgraded interior.


The 6s Plus is heavier than any other iPhone model, gaining 20g on the 6 Plus Рmaking the model a hefty 192g. Many users found that the weight of the iPhone 6s Plus added pressure to the hand whilst holding it, leading to a lot of achy wrists after holding it for extended periods of time. The great size of the model also means that most people have to use both  hands to be able to use and access all parts of the screen, an inconvenience for many. This is also true to access all buttons on the device, the volume buttons and lock screen button can be tricky to reach for those with smaller hands.

Are you a fan of Apple’s giant latest release? Or do you find the size and weight unmanageable? Let us know.

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