HELP! My iPhone Won’t Switch On?

We’ve all been there. Desperately need to call your mate, send a quick e-mail and answer that WhatsApp – but no help from your phone. Nothing. Blank screen. No power. HELP!


Don’t panic, this is a common problem and often you just need to give it a little shake up, so here’s a few iPhone repair solutions from iFixed that should hopefully sort out that painfully annoying problem – if not, then you most likely have a hardware problem that is preventing the phone from booting.

1. Charge Your Phone – sounds ridiculously simple, but an iPhone, iPod or iPad will not turn on at all if their battery is dead. The solution: just charge your phone, wait around 15 minutes, and it should turn itself on when it has reached enough charge to do so. If this quick solution does not work, test your charger to make sure it’s working. Apple chargers do have a tendency to stop working over time, so it is often the case that a broken charger or loose cable connection is stopping the phone from charging, so grab another one. If your phone still does not switch on with a new charger, then

2. Perform a Hard Reset – another likely reason for your phone not switching on is because of a frozen operating system. iPhones, like any kind of computer operating system, can freeze. With other handsets, you can simply remove the battery and then re-insert it, but as iPhones have no removable battery, you will have to instead perform a hard reset. To do this you should press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time. Continue holding down both buttons for 10-20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Release the buttons and the iPhone should then turn on as normal. If this does not work, then try charging the phone before attempting the hard reset.

3. Restore the iOS operating system. Sometimes your iPhone will turn on as normal, but instead of the Apple logo, the screen shows a USB cable and an iTunes logo – this means that your iOS software has been damaged or corrupted. The solution to such a problem is to connect the iPhone to a computer with iTunes. iTunes will prompt you that there is a problem and that the device needs to be updated or restored. Restoring the iPhone will download and install the latest iOS software on your device. You will then have to recover the data from your iCloud backup system.

If these iPhone repair solutions don’t work, the chances are you have a hardware problem and should book in with iFixed as soon as possible to prevent any further problems.

Either book in online at or give us a call on 01507 463230 and we will help you out with our quick and professional quality service.



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